The Eternity Engine began as a campaign setting as well as a world-building model using the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition basic rules set. It has since evolved. The focus of our model: Player Legacies. Every time a group plays a new game in the setting, their actions have lasting consequences: the timeline will advance, the world will change, and history repeats itself – all while keeping every previous Tale as canon. I.E. The dragon stays defeated, the city the players built still stands, and their great deeds are still on the lips, hearts, and minds of people they meet. Our Eternity Engine takes the stress of trying to create a unique and compelling world off of a Game Master. Players and GM’s instead build upon the world provided, until it becomes your own as you play. Then one day you will realize your setting barely resembles the Lands of Fate, and you have become but another of the myriad of worlds that drift on the currents of Eternity.

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